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Yak gloves offer the best combination of durability and protection whilst enabling you to keep the strength and sensitivity required for active paddling, rowing and rope handling.

Yak Neo Paddle Mitts

Following extensive paddler feedback Yak have completely updated their Neo Paddle Mitts.

Using the latest neoprene technology, the mitt borrows many of its design features from their popular Open Palm Mitt.

The new design uses a two pronged approach at keeping the paddler's hands warm. Firstly, the top of the mitt is constructed from a fine mesh single lined neoprene (rubber finish with no nylon lining)

This neoprene allows water to drain off the back of the hand quickly, which in turn drastically reduces the amount of wind chill the user feels.

A microfleece lining then helps insulate the hand whilst minimising water retention, another cause of cold hands.

The underside of the mitt is covered with a durable lining to reduce impact damage, and all the seams in the 3mm thick neoprene are glued and blind stitched to eliminate water ingress.

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