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How To Replace Sleeving On Kite Lines

1: These are some of the tools it is best to have at hand, there are alternatives you can use.

2:You need to seal the ends of the sleeving to stop them fraying.

a:Cut a length of sleeving,(we use mainly 3mm) 30cm long,though this will depend on the size of loop you want to make b:Insert a spike or a 3mm nail will do, cut around the frayed end(you can heat a knife or use a lighter) do this to both ends.

3 This is the end sealed.

4: Insert the sleeving tool into the sleeving and slide the sleeve down to expose about 3cm of the wire(If you have not got one of the sleeving tools you can use Fuse Wire.The wire should be bent in a vary sharp "V" to hold the kite line when sleeving.

The sleeve is now ready.

5: Take the kite line to be sleeved and cut the end with scissors.Then slide the cover(blue in this case) back over the core for about 20cm and mark 5cm from the end on the core.
6: Cut the core at the 5cm mark
7:Slide the cover (blue) back over the core.You should find that the core is now 5cm inside the cover.(the reason for doing this is it makes the sleeving  a lot easier).
8:Place about 1.5 cm of the cover(blue) into the end of the wire loop.
9:Slide the sleeve(green) over the kite line,slide the sleeve through your fingers as you pull the wire out of the sleeve,keep sliding the sleeve over the line until the line exits the sleeve.
10: the line is now out of the sleeving
11:Trim the kite line cover(blue) back to where the core is inside the cover,and seal the end with a lighter;.
12: To finish the sleeving you can tie an" overhand knot"as shown or you can sew the sleeve as shown in fig.13. Be sure to use polyester thread not cotton.
13.The Sewn sleeving.
14.We supply a pack with 3  x   1Metre lengths of sleeving and a sleeving tool.See our web site DIY Repair Parts-Kite or e-bay

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