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Cygnus Sails have been involved in Windsurfing since the late 70's.Our involvement ranges from teaching to wave sailing,racing and speed sailing,we have sailed all over the world in most, but not all conditions.

After all this time we still have a true love for the sport.

Cygnus have a very good reputation for sail repairs.We started 30 years ago making dinghy sails and the for some time made Windsurfing sails, we made some of the first mono film windsurfing sails.

Now we specialise in the repair of Windsurfing and Dinghy sails,(though we do still make Dinghy sails) We undoubtedly have the largest stock of repair materials in the UK,and pride ourselves on the quality of our repairs.

Board Repairs.

Cygnus will also repair your Board We repair boards to the best standard possible,using only the best materials available,we are able to repair Epoxy,Carbon and Polyethelene boards(Polyethelene needs to be welded,and is not used to such a large extent in the manufacture of windsurfing boards,but is used  widely in the manufacture of canoes and kayaks,so we can repair canoes and kayaks).

We do not collect or send Windsurfing boards,they must be dropped of and collected from the shop.

For small repairs that you want to do yourself see our DIY section.Here you will find materials to repair your board yourself,if you are unsure what to use or need advice give us a call.

If you have damaged your sail or would like to talk to us about repairs or Windsurfing we will be pleased to help.

We can arrange collection and delivery of your sail if required.

Call 01536 516779

Cygnus Sails

Unit 18. Higher Trevibban Farm, St. Ervin, Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL27 7SH

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