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Why Cygnus?

Cygnus is a long established company with a reputation for excellence. Established in the early 70's primarily as a sailmaker, and producing race-winning sails for classes such as Cadets, Optimist, Enterprise and GP14's, we saw a change coming and went into the production and developement of windsurfing sails, but at the same time keeping our roots in the dinghy market.

We were probably one of the first sailmakers to start using laminates and monofilms in the production of windsurfing sails, and at this time sails started to be mass-produced in the Far East with lofts such as Neil Pryde, Gaastra and North producing vast numbers of very hi-tech sails.

A number of these lofts needed someone in the U.K. to handle repairs and warranty issues, and we were approached. We took on the work and from there it all started.

One design dinghy sailing started to take off with Laser and was followed by Topper the RS, 29er, 49er, Hobie and the list goes on. We made a decision to start repairing sails for these classes and amassed a vast range of repair materials so that we could do a really good job. The insurance company's saw the work we were doing and the quality of our work and now we do work for most of the insurance company's in the U.K.

Kitesurfing, another story. We got involved in kitesurfing in the late 80's when the sport first started and boy do these things tear! With what we had learnt over the years fixing and making sails, we soon found we were very busy fixing kites. It took us about a year to get the method sorted out so that we were happy with the quality of the repairs, and then some fairly heavy investment in new sewing machines and repair materials. We now fix spinnakers and gennakers using the same method and with very good results.

So with all this experience we have earned the reputation for being pretty good at fixing the unfixable. We will not do a bad job. If we can't do a good job we will not do it at all.

With the demand for our repairs growing we are always under pressure to get the job done. In the season, people want to sail or they have race meetings that they want to go to and want their sails back for the weekend. Most of the time we will do this, it just means a few late nights.

As new designs materialise, it has never been so demanding to carry out professional repairs on the latest Windsurfing Sails, Dinghy Sails, Cruiser Sails and Kites.

Kites are proving a real test in manufacturing techniques and materials.

Only through our continued pursuit of excellence have we been able to access the latest materials and technological insight into how things should be put back together in the worst case scenarios.

Commercial & Domestics Umbrella Repairs & Replacement Canopies

Cygnus Sails offer a complete repair service for both large jumbo commercial umbrellas to the smallest garden or patio umbrellas..

Repair kits are becoming a necessity, allowing you to make instant repairs and continue your enjoyment. We are continually developing various levels of 'on the spot repair kits' to make your life easier. (see Catalogue Repair Parts)

Cygnus also have been asked by many Chandlers, Windsurf Shops, Kite Shops, Schools and Holiday Companys etc, to do repairs for them and we do. There may be an outlet near you and they will do the packing and sending away for you. For info on your nearest contact, give us a call on 07850660225 and we will put you in touch with them.

Cygnus now also make accessories, padded straps, clew straps, school sails, sail covers, sun shades, flags, banners, exibition stands and pretty much anything.

Our one aim is and always will be to do the best work possible.

Richard Eisler

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