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Topper School Main Sail


Topper School Main Sail

Topper School Mainsail 6.3oz

The Cygnus School / Training Mainsail is made to last 6.3oz and available in 2 colour ways;

Red White & Blue Or Blue

Sails have a twin ply leach and have a foot line and leach line. We add a Clew hook and Tape so the sails can be furled for storage.

If you require the new style fixed head please let us know.

Prices Are Inclusive Of UK Mainland Delivery.

Though our school sail is made for heavy use in sailing schools,it is the perfect club racing sail and ideal for family and training use. The twin ply leach stops the edge of the sail getteing damaged and reduces wear on the leach,a comon problem on sails with no battens in the leach.

Our on line prices include UK carriage.

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